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Chicago Rootbeer: Exploring the World of Handcrafted Flavored Sodas and Craft Sodas

Handcrafted drinks are not mass-produced. Reason? The manufacturers, which are usually local artisans, wish to preserve the uniqueness of the formula. They create the drinks only for a limited crowd, preferably the locals, and for special occasions or celebrations.

Perhaps that’s why hand craft sodas retain their legacy. You can’t find them everywhere, making them valuable. You can get them only from select places. This intensifies their craze.

And that’s exactly what happened with Chicago rootbeer. Its sheer popularity led the manufacturers to bottle the unique soda drink and market it to a larger audience. Today, you can easily order this amazing craft soda from the comforts of your home. 

Experience the magic of craft sodas

Chicagoans make crafted drinks in Chicago, for themselves and other Chicagoans. They carry the very essence of Chicago city. Sodamakers use handpicked ingredients to create flavors that captivate soda lovers’ hearts.

Here’s a glimpse of the signature line of craft sodas:

  1. Chicago rootbeer : This handcrafted draft soda is available in kegs so that you can tap its rich flavor. However, it is also available in bottles so that you can enjoy this bubbly drink on the go. Made from sassafras bark with a dash of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, a good dose of wintergreen, and vanilla bean, this creamy, frothy beverage is a must-try. One of Chicago’s most loved things is it. One of Chicago’s most loved things hand crafted sodas.
  2. Ginger beer: This spicy and sweet drink is made from all-natural ginger. It goes well with spicy food or Asian cuisine. This is a fiery drink and makes for mind blowing cocktail. Try it!
  3. Ginger ale: This one is not much sweet, but has crisp ginger flavor. The crafted sodas are often called “The Champagne of refreshing beverages.””
  4. Cream soda: This is a sensational drink, creamy and smooth with a rich vanilla flavor and full bodied. The perfect drink to wash off the fatigue and refresh your senses.
  5. Black cherry: You can’t go wrong with the bold cherry flavor. Black cherry, botanical name Prunus serotina, has a tarty, sweet, rich taste, which goes well with a variety of Chicago foods. This crafted soda is a sophisticated drink that can make any occasion special.
  6. Orange cream: Enjoy sweet citrus flavor with a creamy touch. This refreshing, bubbly drink makes your day anywhere, anytime.

So, what are you waiting for?

Place an order for any of the hand crafted flavored sodas and transform your ordinary moments into extra ordinary ones.