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Crafted Elixirs: Indulge in Handcrafted Flavored Sodas at Chicago Rootbeer

It is said: water is the elixir of life. Well, now we have something more for you besides water – sodas that are hand crafted and full of life!

The perfect summer drinks

Feeling thirsty under the scorching sun? Grab a bottle of crafted soda and refresh yourselves. These are handmade drinks made by local artisans who also add their passion and perfection to the drinks before bottling them.

Chicago Draft Style is a signature beverage line of craft sodas manufactured by the locals of Chicago. That’s the reason the line carries the essence of this city. The line was earlier meant to cater only to a limited audience, preferably the local ones; however, the sheer popularity of these hand crafted flavored sodas made the manufacturer to bottle them for a wider audience.

Taste the finest ingredients in sodas

Made with pure cane sugar, the Select crafted sodas, which includes Chicago rootbeer, gives you a myriad of flavors and texture. Beyond the original root beer, you can taste ginger ale, ginger beer, cream soda, orange cream soda, black cherry soda, and other such interesting flavors.

These hand craft sodas are without caffeine and contain natural-based pure ingredients that carry the local flavor. This explains their fiery demand. Every sip gives you the taste of Chicago city.

How to buy these hand crafted drinks?

Chicago rootbeer and other soda drinks are available in restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and at soda wholesalers and distributors all over Chicago and its suburbs. Besides, you can also place an order for a craft soda at the manufacturer’s website.

Do you know Chicago rootbeer is the “featured beverage at the Willis Tower and the 103rd floor sky deck? The building harbors the iconic “Chicago Draft Style” logo, representing the beverage line and its success perfectly.

More than 1 million people visit this great city every year! The hand crafted sodas cater to the tastes and moods of these visitors and, of course, the residents.

Refreshing flavors for the summer

Indulge in the citrus flavor of orange cream soda. Relish the creaminess of cream soda. Get some ‘aha’ moments by sipping the marvelous black cherry soda. Impress your guests with the classic root beer, or give your meal an interesting twist with ginger beer and ginger ale.

Chicago rootbeer and other such craft flavored sodas promise to refresh your mood any time of the day. Cool your senses on a hot summer afternoon with these bubbly and refreshing soda drinks.