Crafted Elegance: The Art of Root Beer Sodas by Chicago Rootbeer

Root beer isn’t a new drink. It has been around for ages. This classic plant-based drink generally made from barks of birch or sarsaparilla or wintergreen, and fused with herbs and spices, epitomizes perfection. Root beer flavors vary with recipes. Every manufacturer has its own.

Chicago rootbeer, one of the most sought after crafted rootbeer sodas, is made from pure cane sugar. It has zero caffeine. This bubbly drink with a tinge of spice and a creamy, rich taste rejuvenates you like anything. As you take a sip, you can feel the flavor touch your taste buds and leave you feeling refreshed and delightful.

Specialty of Chicago rootbeer

This exclusively crafted Sodas & Rootbeer carries the real taste of Chicago. It is prepared using natural and pure ingredients and brewed to perfection. This explains its rich and awesome taste.

This drink is produced locally in small batches. This makes more like a ‘limited edition’ drink. It is unlike the mass produced commercial drinks. And that’s what makes it special, ladies and gentlemen. It isn’t your regular drink. This crafted bubbly formulation is designed to soothe your senses and awe your guests who would hardly imagine they are in for a delightful drink.

Earlier, you couldn’t find craft sodas on market shelves. They were produced only for local consumption. Today, it is possible to get a handcrafted soda online or through wholesalers and retailers. Yet, you must remember that these aren’t commercially produced drinks that you can find just anywhere.

Flavored sodas

Flavored drinks are in demand. They go well with your favorite whiskey. At the same time, they are safe for consumption by teenagers. People who want to go off alcohol can safely consume these sodas.

Create interesting cocktails and mocktails with Chicago’s hand crafted flavored sodas. You can refresh yourselves through a bottle of rootbeer, ginger ale, ginger beer, cream soda, black cherry soda, orange cream soda, and other such flavors.

This drink is different

Think this drink is similar to your regular soda? Think again. We are talking about rootbeer sodas, which are exclusively formulated drinks, initially meant for local consumption. However, their burgeoning demand led the manufacturer to market it to other areas. Yet, they still prepare the sodas in limited batches to maintain the authenticity and the taste of Chicago.

So, wait no more.

Order one of the crafted flavored sodas from the Chicago Draft Style line of drinks. Experience the refreshing wonder.