You are currently viewing Beyond Bland Brews: Exploring the World of Hand-Crafted Flavored Sodas & Chicago Root Beer

Beyond Bland Brews: Exploring the World of Hand-Crafted Flavored Sodas & Chicago Root Beer

This summer, don’t settle for the bland brews. Pick tantalizing flavors that refresh you to the core. From Chicago rootbeer to an array of fantastic flavors, it’s time to get a real taste of Chicago.

Welcome to the world of hand crafted flavored sodas! The makers handcraft the drinks to perfection, using pure cane sugar and unique flavors. The drinks are free of caffeine and never pasteurized. You experience purity and perfection in each bottle, which is designed to quench your thirst in the most awesome manner through its bubbly content.

Handcrafted flavors

Chicago’s sweet, carbonated drinks speak volumes about the passion of the makers. The drinks are prepared by the locals who ensure that each flavor is woven with uniqueness and the essence of Chicago’s culture and style. That’s what makes these crafted sodas different.

Chicago rootbeer poses to be the perfect drink on a lazy Sunday afternoon or a lively Saturday night. This frothy, creamy soda drink gives solace to the lone drinker. At the same time, it can add to the zest of a party. Pop open the bottle and let the bubbly soda charm everyone at the family dinner, or simply gulp down the soda whenever you feel thirsty any time of the day.

In addition to the classic rootbeer, you ought to taste the other hand craft sodas such as the delicious ginger ale, the yummy ginger beer, the rich cream soda, the tangy orange cream soda, and the bold black cherry. Each drink has a personality of its own. Embodied in fine texture and carbonated to perfection, the bubbly refreshing craft sodas are designed to rejuvenate your senses.

The pulse of Chicago

Chicago’s flavored sodas have gained sheer popularity due to which they are now available at retail outlets, hotels, and restaurants all over Chicago and its suburbs. You can also get the sodas through wholesalers and distributors.

Today, the craft flavored sodas have become a vital component of “The Chicago Experience.” This is because the makers are particular in keeping the flavors local. They hand pick the ingredients and use their local expertise to brew the formula. No wonder a crafted soda has no match. It resonates with the tastes of consumers; at the same time, caters to the varying preferences.   

Chicago rootbeer is a craft soda of Chicago Draft Style, a specialty line of crafted drinks manufactured by Cool Mountain Beverages. The drinks are made only in Chicago, by Chicago, for Chicago. Order one now.