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Chicago Rootbeer: Discovering the Best Root Beer Sodas and Must-Try Foods in Chicago

Your favorite food combined with a bubbly mug of beer – what else is there to seek after a hard day at work? Instead of drowning yourselves in hardcore liquor, why not try Chicago Root beer Sodas? This world-class drink is made from the finest ingredients and handcrafted to perfection to give you an experience to remember.

What to eat and drink when in Chicago?

Chicago, the city of world famous architecture, art, theatre, music, and food, is an experience in itself. The city’s handcrafted drinks complete the experience. They carry the style and the culture of this windy city. And when combined with top Chicago foods, you get the ultimate dining experience that lingers with you for long.

From deep-dish pizza and Italian beef sandwich to Chicago-style hotdog and caramelized apple pancakes, the city has a variety of scrumptious dishes to tantalize your taste buds. The best thing is that these go very well with Chicago’s craft beverages.

As you take a big bite of the sizzling hotdog, this spicy, salty, sweet, and tangy dish renders an unforgettable culinary experience. Then, you pop open the bottle of the Chicago’s signature style root beer and wash down the iconic hot dog with this crafted drink. Scrumptious! 

Places to eat in Chicago Root beer Sodas

Chicago has several popular places that offer the city’s iconic foods. For example, the Palmer House is famous for the inception of America’s first chocolate brownie, which is now a staple dessert of America.

Another place not to miss is the Old Fashioned Donut that serves the classic donut. Their buttermilk donuts are famous too. 

And when you have frothy, creamy mugs of Root beer sodas in your hands, you can’t miss the sizzling steaks. The city has some famous steakhouses where you can gobble up high quality steaks and wash them down with your favorite sodas.

The top places to eat in Chicago also include the Humboldt Park neighborhood where you ought to try the Jibarito sandwich, which uses twice-fried plantains instead of bread.

Come, experience the real taste of Chicago!

Apart from Chicago’s staple deep-dish pizza, the city has a line of iconic foods and beverages that invite you get the real taste of this awesome city. Chicago best beverages are mostly non-alcoholic and uniquely flavored handcrafted sodas made by the locals. They are made from pure cane sugar and are free of caffeine.

So, ladies and gentlemen, time to prepare your Chicago bucket list. Don’t forget to include the iconic pizza, the craft rootbeer, and the classic dessert.