Chicago Rootbeer’s Crafted Root Beer and Sodas: A Must- Try for Beverage Enthusiasts

If you are a beverage enthusiast, you need no special occasion to try a drink. Well, for those wanting to go beyond the usual flavors, Chicago Draft Style rootbeer is here to titillate their taste buds. It’s different from a regular beer.

So what exactly is Chicago rootbeer?

Chicago Draft Style rootbeer is a crafted rootbeer. This means it is prepared locally by a bunch of artisans who make unique drinks in small batches. They aren’t into largescale commercial production.

This root beer is a gourmet drink brewed in a manner that it tastes just like a root beer is supposed to taste!

Do you know this crafted drink is prepared from a recipe that dates back to 100 years?

Delectable features of this root beer:

  • - The beer has a thick body
  • - It renders a palatable mouthfeel
  • - As you pour it into the mug, it creates a lovely, fizzy head

You just can’t wait to bring the mug of this handcrafted fizzy rootbeer soda near your lips and feel its texture.

Guess what? This amazing drink is not overly sweet, in spite of the fact that it is made from pure cane sugar. That’s why it blends beautifully with most of the Chicago’s famous foods. You can gingerly wash it down after gorging on your favorite meal.

And mind you, ladies and gentlemen, this pure and passionate drink is free of caffeine.

Chicago Draft Style crafted sodas are safe for consumption for all ages, including teenagers. So, the drinks can be a great choice to include for a family get-together or a feast with friends.

Where is it available?

You can easily place an order for crafted rootbeer sodas at the website of Chicago Draft Style. Don’t forget to browse through the collection of unique crafted sodas, each one carrying a different flavor and feature. Besides rootbeer, you can also find ginger ale, cream soda, orange soda, and other such mouth-watering flavors. Each drink carries a distinct flavor and body.

Why is it so special?

Chicago’s rootbeer is made by Chicagoans for the Chicagoans. The drink signifies the very culture and spirit of this Windy City. You need not live in Chicago to experience this city. Simply order the handcrafted root beer and you will get the feel of this city.

Artisans who prepare this type of root beer are locals who love their city and its culture. They are ardent makers who strive to showcase Chicago through their awesomely brewed rootbeer sodas.

These bubbly drinks are packed with the power to refresh you to the core. Whether you had a hard day at work or you are feeling the doldrums, these premium sodas can perk up your spirit. They are crafted to refresh the senses.

You need no ‘alcoholic high’ to wash down the fatigue or lift your spirit. Simply open a bottle of Chicago rootbeer and watch your spirit already lighting up!

So, wait no more.

Buy kegs of rootbeer from Chicago Draft Style and let the party begin. This isn’t just a drink; it’s the ‘Chicago experience.’