You are currently viewing Exploring Root Beer Delights: Craft Beverages and Chicago Flavors at Chicago Rootbeer

Exploring Root Beer Delights: Craft Beverages and Chicago Flavors at Chicago Rootbeer

Since long, root beer has been a popular beverage in North America. But, with the advent of other soft drinks, root beer was pushed to the backseat.

Root beer is now back! This sweetened drink is, once again, emerging as a popular choice among people, especially the soda lovers.

Crafted root beer is grabbing attention in particular. Made from handpicked items and in limited batches, this meticulously prepared drink of Chicago is stealing the limelight.

Exploring Chicago rootbeer

Chicago rootbeer is an exceptionally yummy drink! As you pour it gingerly in the mug, the frothy, creamy beverage with bubbly freshness tantalizes your senses. This rich drink carries the very essence of Chicago city, as it is prepared by Chicagoans, for Chicagoans.

As you take a sip of this rootbeer, you experience the ‘real Chicago.’

The drink was initially available only in kegs meant for local events and special occasions in colleges. Soon, word spread about the fantastic flavor and freshness of this drink and Chicago rootbeer became the talk of the town. Its demand grew by leaps and bounds and the manufacturer decided to bottle the rootbeer so that it becomes available on a large scale, even outside Chicago.

Today, you can easily buy Chicago rootbeer online. Enjoy Chicago flavors within the comforts of your home.

More Chicago flavors for you

In addition to the classic rootbeer, you can also find inviting flavors such as ginger beer, ginger ale, cream soda, orange cream soda, and black cherry. These flavors promise to take your taste buds on a heavenly trip.

Foods that go fantastically well with Chicago rootbeer

Rootbeer sodas are the ultimate beverages to sip when you intend to unwind in solitude or with friends. Fill a frothy mug and top it with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Complete it with whipped cream. You can also garnish it with cherries or freshly sliced strawberries to add a dash of glamour to your drink.

Here are a few iconic Chicago foods to gorge on while you sip on your favorite rootbeer soda:

  • Chicago-style deep dish pizza
  • Garett popcorn
  • Italian beef sandwiches
  • Classic Chicago-style hot dog
  • Chicago original jibarito

Feel Chicago in every sip

Cool Mountain Beverages is the manufacturer of Chicago Draft Style line of flavored craft drinks, including Chicago rootbeer. It is formulated using handpicked ingredients and brewed to perfection to represent the lifestyle and the spirit of this beautiful city.