Our Beverages..

Chicago Draft Style, are hand crafted beverages that are made in Chicago by Chicagoans and fully embody the true -Chicago Experience". Our signature beverage line is made by hand selecting the finest, ingredients, flavors formulated to capture the heart of a great city. Our beverages are only made with Pure Cane Sugar and are naturally caffeine free.



This is to the one that started it all. Our finely Hand Crafted Draft Style Root Beer was first served, made to order, out of a Keg to tap that rich draft flavor A Frothy Root Beer, incredibly smooth with a flavor that was specifically formulated to compliment the many tastes of Chicago.

The perfect Root Beer recipe, our Root Beer recipe includes sassafras bark, a pinch of nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon, vanilla bean and a healthy dose of wintergreen. The result is a creamy smooth beverage with a way cool Finnish.


Ginger beer

Ginger beer basically comes in two styles, Spicy and Sweet, ours is both. Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer is spicy with a sweet finish. Made with all natural ginger, it's a bold drink that pairs well with Asian or any spicy food for that matter and will often mitigate the "burn" from the more powerful spices found in these foods.

And on its own ...well, it's one hell of a fascinating drink ...Pure Chicago Fire.

It makes a great cocktail, just see our mixology page. As we like to say, it kicks like a mule but goes down smooth. This is how the Chicago Mule was born.


Ginger Ale

Bright and sparkling, a crisp, natural Ginger flavor, that is not too sweet. Yet a strong flavor note, that is rarely found in the common Ginger Ale. Almost Brut and amazingly refreshing, it's a satisfying taste that will light up, any time. This is why our Ginger Ale is called ... "The Champagne of Craft Sodas"


Cream Soda

It washes across the pallet, with a creamy smooth sensation, sparkling and clear, yet full bodied, with a rich vanilla flavor. It's the beverage to refresh your day. For whenever you feel the desire, Chicago Draft Style Cream Soda... is cool, sweet perfection.


BLack Cherry

The Dark Rich Cherry flavor with its smooth recognizable taste is already a fan favorite. Prunus Serotina, commonly known as Black Cherry, is a sophisticated, sweet, tart flavor with a robust taste. A flavor that pairs well with a wide range of food offerings, or is just good anytime.

Drink up America. You've got a lot of catching up to do.


Orange Cream

Citrus Orange, Sweet Cream ...Sweet Sunshine. Sweet Loretta, this stuff is good! Chicago Draft Style Orange Cream is what to drink when you really want, sweet citrus refreshment. Rich and flavorful, it's a creamcicle in a bottle. It will satisfy your inner child -take you back to your youth. And, make you both ...happy.