Craft Beverages in Chicago: A Guide to the City's Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Believed to be originated centuries ago in North America, craft beverages have since then evolved and continue to fascinate the tastes of people. The earliest recipes were different from the modern ones. For instance, beverage like root beer was actually a medicinal tonic made from roots and barks of certain trees. Today, the recipe may have changed, yet this drink stays as delicious as before.

Chicago’s best non-alcoholic drinks

Chicago is a world-class city that takes pride in its magnificent skyline and classic foods and drinks.
Made with pure cane sugar (slurp!) and refreshing flavors, the select 6 line from Chicago Draft Style promises to take you into 2024 with a new zest. These savory ‘select 6’ drinks are:

  • - Rootbeer
  • - Ginger Ale
  • - Ginger Beer
  • - Cream Soda
  • - Orange Cream Soda
  • - Black Cherry Soda

Features of these non-alcoholic drinks

  • - They are made from pure cane sugar
  • - They contain some of the finest ingredients handpicked by artisans
  • - All the drinks are caffeine free
  • - The manufacturer does not pasteurize the drinks
  • - The select 6 line is made in Chicago by a Chicagoan and for Chicago

Each sip of the beverage gives you a taste of the pride and understanding by which these drinks are prepared.

As the Founder of Chicago Draft Style says, “Chicago isn’t a place, it’s a birthright, it’s a feeling, it’s a lifestyle.”

And each sip of the drink harbors this feeling.

If you are in Chicago and want the best beverages, you ought to grab nothing else but the select 6 line of drinks. They are an integral part of getting the real “Chicago experience.”

Rootbeer sodas from Chicago Rootbeer

One of the specialties of the premium sodas from Chicago rootbeer is that they are non-alcoholic drinks. This makes them safer for teenagers and the ultimate drink for the tee-totalers. And for those who have just taken the sobriety resolve, the sodas are a must-try.

What about our cocktail connoisseurs? Well, they can mix these sodas with their favorite alcohol and prepare a mind blowing cocktail. The beverages blend beautifully with whiskeys, particularly bourbon, rum, and other spirits.

From alcohol to non-alcohol – consumers’ changing preference

The new generation is more health conscious. With sobriety becoming “cool,” the demand for non-alcoholic beverages is rising. People want to have fun; but with a mocktail in their hand.

And for those who still swear by their poison, yet want to be able to stand on their two feet after the party, Chicago Draft Style beverages like crafted root beer and others from the select 6 are the perfect choice for them.

Chicago Rootbeer is one of Chicago’s most reputable manufacturers of Chicago Draft Style root beer and other premium sodas. You can buy kegs of rootbeer from Chicago Root Beer. The kegs are available in half-size and quarter-size.

Come, let’s celebrate the spirit of Chicago and bask in the North American pride. Three cheers to Chicago’s crafted beverages – the savory select 6!