Craft Soda Delights: Uncovering the Top Chicago Foods and Flavored Sodas

When in Chicago, you must taste the local beverages made by Chicagoans, for Chicagoans. They carry the very essence of Chicago. Craft soda is every beverage connoisseur’s delight in this windy city. If you haven’t tasted this drink, then you missed a major part of Chicago.

So, when out strolling on the streets of this busy city, make sure your bucket list contains tasting one of Chicago’s traditionally prepared local root beer and other flavoured sodas. They are made from the purest of ingredients and, perhaps, that’s the reason they carry a distinct charm. These craft beverages are prepared in small batches. You wouldn’t find them in regular market shelves or among the commercial products.

The ‘Chicago experience’

Chicago Draft Style root beer has quickly gained popularity and became an integral part of the ‘Chicago experience.’ As you taste the popular Chicago foods, you must try this beer, which goes well with most of the top Chicago dishes such as deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwich, Chicago-style hot dogs, and more. You can even enjoy the root beer with prime steaks and popcorn.

Chicago has a rich food heritage and it is almost impossible to taste every food in one trip. In fact, the Chicago Draft Style line, too, contains several flavored drinks, apart from the classic root beer.

However, one of the best things about Chicago Draft Style is that you can get it online. So, even if you are not in Chicago, you can order a flavored soda at your destination and experience Chicago within the comforts of your home.

Top Chicago foods and hand craft sodas

  • Deep-dish pizza: You can’t miss it for anything! This thick-crust pizza with layers of melting cheese and rich red sauce topping is a staple of Chicago. As you sink your teeth into the deep cheesy crust, don’t forget to sip your Chicago Draft Style flavored soda, perhaps Black Cherry or maybe the Cream Soda.

  • Chicago-style hot dogs: Well, they aren’t just hot dogs; they are hot dogs in abundance with white onions, tomato slices, yellow mustard, peppers, pickle, celery salt, and what not. Imagining washing them down with one of the hand crafted flavored sodas – heavenly!

  • Italian beef sandwich: This is one of the popular lunches in the city. The freshly baked rolls are stuffed with thin slices of beef and gravy. They are topped with a blend of spices. Goes well with Ginger Ale or Root Beer.

  • If you smell the caramel and butter, then you are near the famous Garett popcorn, which is also famous outside Chicago, even in the Eastern world.

  • Honey butter fried chicken: You ought to taste this unique dish featuring fried chicken with honey butter melted on it. Combine it with Chicago Draft Style root beer or any of the crafted flavored sodas and you are done.

  • Taste world-class steak in Chicago. Seafood is also awesome here. Pair it with Chicago’s signature flavored sodas for a marvelous culinary experience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Create your Chicago bucket list now. Time to treat your tastebuds like never before.