Fizzing Through Flavor: Exploring the Crafted Delights of Chicago Root Beer

Beer is one of the most popular drinks of the USA. However, with an increasing number of people wanting to reduce alcohol intake due to health reasons, root beer is in high demand. This drink contains little alcohol and zero caffeine. It is prepared in small batches by local artisans. Chicago root beer has emerged as one of the trendiest names lately.

Reasons for the sheer popularity of Chicago root beer:

  • This is a handcrafted drink prepared through pure natural ingredients.
  • It is made in Chicago and carries the taste of Chicago.
  • It contains pure cane sugar, no caffeine and lesser alcohol.
  • The rootbeer is brewed to perfection by artisans who are passionate about brewing this marvelous drink.
  • It is easily available online in sizes half keg and full keg.

The making of Chicago root beer

Chicago root beer is not a new drink. It dates back to the days of prohibition, which was between 1920 and 1933. This root beer came into existence in 1920 when Cool Mountain company was formed. Since then, the manufacturer has been delighting beer lovers with its rich, creamy, frothy drink formulated to appeal to the tastes of Chicagoans.

Chicago is known for its culinary delights, from its melt-in-the-mouth deep- dish pizza to the scrumptious Chicago style hot dog. You ought to combine these savory foods with Chicago Draft Style drinks, which include the crafted sodas and root beer.

Chicago Draft Style’s Select 6

Chicago Draft Style’s Select 6 is a line of products that go beyond the original root beer. So, along with the Chicago root beer, this collection comprises exceptionally flavored drinks like ginger ale, ginger beer, cream soda, orange cream soda, and black cherry.

This line is made only in Chicago, by Chicagoans, for Chicagoans.

The bottles feature Chicago’s famous skyline on the label, which signifies that the drinks represent the lifestyle and the spirit of this magnificent city. You can taste this in each sip of the bubbly soda.

Get the Chicago experience at your home!

Ladies and gentlemen, you need not be Chicago to taste this marvelous Select 6. The manufacturer has distributors throughout the United States to let this line of drinks reach to a wider audience. Experience Chicago within the comforts of your home, no matter where you are.

The craft sodas promise to make your day, whether it is a special one or just a regular one. Order the drinks and let the fizzy delights rejuvenate your senses.