Crafted Root Beer: Uncovering the Secrets Behind the Perfect Brew

One of the reputable manufacturers of craft soda - Chicago rootbeer - are proud to present before their customers crafted root beer, which harbors the uniqueness of Chicago land. It is made from pure cane sugar and other fine ingredients with no caffeine and is never pasteurized. The drink is specially designed for “in Chicago by Chicago for Chicago.”

What’s the secret behind the perfect brew?

Of course, handpicked ingredients contribute largely to the finer taste and texture of the Chicago Draft Style root beer. But what is even more important is how it is prepared.

The people behind this perfect brew understand the vibes of this windy city and are proud of their homeland. They are passionate about brewing the perfect beverage that gives Chicagoans the ultimate refreshment whether they are holidaying, partying, or having a relaxed evening after a hard day at work.

Pairing craft root beer with Chicago’s most loved foods

Pair this root beer with savory Chicago foods and you experience a culinary delight. One of the most loved foods is deep dish pizza, which features an inch-thick crust to sink your teeth into. Another classic Chicago food is the Italian beef sandwich, which goes well with salads, French fries, and, of course, the beer. Jibarito sandwich is another Chicago classic.

If you are on a visit to this iconic city, you cannot miss the scrumptious Chicago-style hot dog, which is always charred or steamed, never boiled. This dish has all the flavors - salty, sweet, spicy, and tangy. As you take a bite of the steaming sausage and wash it down with a sip of Chicago Draft Style root beer, you have arrived!

As you try Chicago rootbeer’s other hand crafted flavored sodas, apart from Chicago Draft Style root beer, they can pair well with steak, which is regarded as an emblematic food of this city. You can find a lot of amazing steakhouses here.

For your sweet tooth

Do you know the chocolate brownie, which is a classic American dessert, was invented in Chicago more than a century ago?

When you are done with the brownie and one of the Chicago Draft Style sodas, time to taste yet another Chicagoan delight – the old fashioned donuts, which are famous for their distinct cracked shape. You can gorge on the standard sugar-glazed variety or the ones with chocolate icing on the top.

Ladies and gentlemen, you ought to add Flaming Saganaki in your Chicago bucket list. It is Greek cheese that goes awesomely well with one of the crated Chicago Draft Style premium sodas.

As you savor in Chicago’s foods and drinks, you will unveil the secret behind the city’s best brews. Chicagoans have a love for food and beverages. Chicago rootbeer prepares its Chicago Draft Style line of drinks with love and passion, hand selecting the recipes and formulating them meticulously to create perfection in every sip that reflects the spirit and lifestyle of Chicago.

As you explore the best places to eat in Chicago, don’t forget to visit Chicago Rootbeer and order one or more of the crafted sodas, especially the crafted rootbeer. You ought to taste this one!