Chicago Root Beer & Unique Flavors of Chicago Draft Style Line

What is Chicago famous for, apart from its vast parks, high-class museums.

Planning a picnic with friends? You must add Chicago root beer to your food basket. Catering to the taste of Chicagoans, this handcrafted beer made from pure cane sugar is the signature line of a true Chicagoan who knows the pulse of this world-class city.

No wonder, the creators have chosen the finest ingredients and the truest of flavors that complement the fine taste of Chicagoans.

Here are a few awesome flavors that you must try whether you live in Chicago, are visiting Chicago, or even live outside the city!

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Drinks with the ginger

Root Beer

Root beer is the original one – the traditional North American drink, which was formerly made from the root bark of sassafras tree.

One of the most popular creators of this traditional drink, even today, uses the root bark, along with their own recipe that helps them give the drink a rich flavor. A dash of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, some wintergreens, and vanilla bean and pure cane sugar – there you are – you get smooth creamy Chicago root beer that is completely free of caffeine.

Ginger Beer

Spice up your palette with Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer, which is spicy with a tinge of sweetness. But it promises to spice up your tastebuds, yet mitigate the “fire” that burns after eating spicy foods.

Combine it with Chicago hotdogs with extra spice and you will know what we are saying. Also goes well with Asian cuisines.

It goes down smooth; at the same time, titillates your tastebuds with the spice. After all, it is made from all natural ginger.

Ginger Ale

A strongly flavored beverage, different from your usual ginger ale. It’s refreshing and satisfying. The creators have named it “The Champagne of Craft Sodas.” This sparkling and crisp drink is more than just ginger ale; it’s a treat to your tastebuds.

Drinks with the cream

Cream Soda

This is a sparkling and clear drink that leaves a smooth creamy sensation in your mouth. Available in rich vanilla flavor, this is the beverage that works when you get that desire to gulp down something refreshing with the Chicago style pizza. And it’s definitely the drink that must find a place in your picnic basket.

Orange Cream

Smell citrus, smell orange – you are already feeling refreshed, aren’t you? Orange Cream from the Chicago Draft Style line is what you must have when you are craving for a sweet citrus flavor. This drink is bubbly and cheery – enough to bring out your inner child.

Black Cherry, anyone?

Can you truly miss this drink? The rich, dark flavor of cherries stays in your mouth for longer and gives you a really good time munching your food. The tart and sweet flavor is unforgettable.

Already craving for a root beer soda?

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