Chicago Root Beer, Hotdogs, Pizzas: Living Life Chicago Style

What is Chicago famous for, apart from its vast parks, high-class museums.

What is Chicago famous for, apart from its vast parks, high-class museums, long sandy beaches, art, the huge freshwater Lake Michigan, and the grand skyline? Chicago root beer! This fuzzy, cozy drink is the traditional North American soft drink, which is generally sweet and caffeine-free.

No, it’s not beer.

It’s root beer.

And there’s a difference.

About root beer

Root beer was traditionally made from the root bark of Sassafras tree. Nowadays, commercial breweries, except a few, use artificial sassafras flavoring to give the root beer the same taste as the traditional drink. They use pure cane sugar and fresh water from Lake Michigan to give you a foamy, cool drink that makes your day.

When in Chicago, you simply can’t miss drinks like root beer soda.

When not in Chicago you can simply order these sensational drinks online through some of the most reputable companies like Chicago root beer.

Enjoying your root beer

How do you enjoy this frothy, creamy, rich root beer? It is created especially for those who love the world-class city for what it is – grandeur and, no doubt, good food.

Well, the best way to gulp down your favorite drink is to have with them some of the most famous culinary delights such as Chicago hotdogs. Those poppy seed buns adorned by yellow mustard and garnished with freshly chopped onions, tomatoes, dill pickle spear, sport peppers, sweet pickle, and a dash of celery salt are some of the best foods to relish with your root beer.

Yet another not-to-be-missed culinary delight is Chicago style pizza. This is actually the deep dish pizza that isn’t just simple flat dough base; it has “tall walls” of scrumptiously buttery crust with oodles of mozzarella cheese. It is topped with tangy tomato sauce. As you take a bite, the melting cheese takes your tastebuds to the seventh heaven.

Wash down your meal with Chicago’s handcrafted beer. With a hearty meal and a handcrafted beer, the world seems to be the most beautiful place, doesn’t it?

Flavors of root beer

You just can’t have enough of root beer in Chicago. Want to take your tastebuds for a culinary ride? Then try the following flavors:

  • Orange cream soda
  • Ginger beer
  • Black cherry
  • Ginger ale
  • Cream soda

This is the Chicago Draft Style line, which is handcrafted using the finest of ingredients. Enjoy pure cane sugar with no caffeine and pasteurization.

If you are in Chicago and you haven’t sipped the flavors of Chicago root beer, then you haven’t tasted the true spirit of Chicago.

The handcrafted root beer of Chicago is “made in Chicago, by Chicago, and for Chicago.

Don’t forget, as you gulp down the last of your flavored soda, you still ought to taste Eli’s cheesecake. Yes, it is available in 40 interesting flavors. The most loved ones are strawberry, chocolate chip, and the original plain flavor.

So, what are you waiting for?

Place an order for the best handcrafted beer of Chicago. Choose for the finest selection of flavors. Tasting Chicago beer is like tasting the world- class city Chicago, for in this frothy drink lies the rich tradition of the city.