Brewing the Chicago Experience: The Journey of Chicago Draft Style

In the heart of Chicago, a city renowned for its towering skyline, world-famous architecture, and an iconic food scene that can make any foodie's dreams come true, there's something equally extraordinary brewing. It's not in the breweries that craft beers or the artisanal coffee shops, but in the story of Chicago Draft Style, a brand that has mastered the art of handcrafted sodas.

Rootbeer: The Spark of Inspiration

The journey of Chicago Draft Style began with Rootbeer, an unassuming yet beloved beverage. Not just any Rootbeer, though - it was a meticulously crafted concoction designed to tantalize the taste buds of Chicagoans. This was the spark of inspiration that ignited a remarkable journey. From its humble beginnings, this Rootbeer was initially served only from kegs at local colleges and special events. Its frothy, creamy richness made it an instant hit, but little did anyone know that it was the beginning of something much bigger.

The Craft Beverages that Define Chicago

What sets Chicago Draft Style apart is its commitment to crafting not just beverages but experiences. The "Select 6" lineup showcases the essence of Chicago in each bottle.

Flavored Sodas: Beyond the classic Rootbeer, Chicago Draft Style offers a diverse range of flavored sodas. Each flavor is a work of art, hand-selected for its representation of Chicago's spirit.

Ginger Beer: It's a spicy yet sweet delight, a beverage that pairs perfectly with Asian cuisine and soothes the palate with a sweet finish.

Ginger Ale: Bright, sparkling, and refreshingly crisp - it's a natural Ginger flavor that's not overly sweet. In fact, it's often referred to as "The Champagne of Craft Sodas."

Cream Soda: With its creamy smoothness and rich vanilla flavor, it's a full-bodied beverage that refreshes any day.

Black Cherry: The dark, rich cherry flavor is already a fan favorite. It pairs seamlessly with a wide range of foods or is simply perfect on its own.

Orange Cream: Citrus orange meets sweet cream in a delightful, nostalgic flavor that takes you back to your childhood.

The Chicago Draft Style Experience

To experience Chicago Draft Style is to immerse yourself in the heart of Chicago. It's not just about drinking a beverage; it's about connecting with the essence of the city.

For Chicagoans, it has become an essential item on their "Chicago bucket list." It's a piece of home, a taste of the vibrant culture, and a symbol of the city's robust spirit.

Where to Find Chicago Draft Style

Today, Chicago Draft Style has transcended its local roots. You can find these handcrafted, non-alcoholic craft beverages throughout the city and its suburbs. From retail outlets to restaurants, hotels to wholesalers, Chicago Draft Style has permeated the city's culture.

Notably, it has earned its place as the featured beverage at the Willis Tower's 103rd-floor Sky Deck. Over a million thrill-seekers visit annually to take in the breathtaking views of Chicago, and they get to do so with a bottle of Chicago Draft Style in hand.


In the bustling, diverse, and ever-evolving city of Chicago, Chicago Draft Style has found its place. It's more than just a brand; it's a testament to the city's rich culture and a unique addition to its culinary landscape. So, the next time you're in the Windy City, don't forget to add "tasting Chicago Draft Style" to your Chicago bucket list. It's an experience that will introduce you to Chicago in every sip.