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From Coast to Coast: A Look at Beverage Manufacturing & Distribution in the USA

Beverage manufacturing and distribution in the United States of America is undergoing a paradigm shift due to the changing preferences of consumers. The health-conscious, better-informed crowd of today is moving towards non-alcoholic, low or no sugar, caffeine free, natural-based drinks. In this context, Chicago rootbeer finds a prominent place in the consumer’s beverage menu.

Made by a premium beverage manufacture company in USA, this beverage uses natural and pure ingredients, preferably pure cane sugar, with no caffeine and no pasteurization. The frothy creamy Chicago rootbeer holds great promise in the beverage market, say industry experts. No wonder beverage wholesale distributors are eager to include this drink in their inventory.

Beverage industry report

As per Food & Beverage Industry Report 2024, five countries in the world hold top position in the food and beverage market. USA holds an important position among these countries. The reports states that, globally, the industry employs a whopping 27 million people. This clearly shows its substantial contribution to the world economy.

The beverage industry also opens up opportunities for wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. And if wholesale beverage distributors are to be believed, the future is brighter for non alcoholic beverages.

Increasing preference to crafted drinks

Crafted drinks are different from regular drinks. They are not mass produced. You can say, the drinks are ‘handmade’ by local beverage manufacturers in USA who take the pain to pick the ingredients from nature and brew them using their own formula. This gives the crafted drink a signature flavor. It carries the essence of the place where it is made.

That’s the reason Chicago rootbeer finds many takers. It is made by Chicagoans, for Chicagoans. Distributors for beverages are going crazy for this drink due to its burgeoning demand. Earlier, it was made only for the local community; but thanks to the its widespread popularity, the manufacture has bottled the drink to be made available outside Chicago.

You can easily find this amazing drink at one of the beverage distributors in USA or online. It is also available in kegs.

Chicago Draft Style is a line of products by a prestigious beverage manufacturing company. The line features Select 6 – Chicago rootbeer, ginger ale, cream soda, orange cream soda, ginger beer, and black cherry.

The drinks are available at the company website. You can also order from one of the beverage retailers in USA. Restaurants, food joints, and other retail outlets provide Chicago rootbeer. This is fast becoming as an iconic drink of the city.