Root Beer and Beyond: Navigating the World of Craft Beverages in Chicago

Chicago’s beer scenario is a class apart. No wonder it attracts beverage connoisseurs from around the world; the reason being the craft beverages are more than just beverages. They go beyond the mere activity of producing them to sell.

In fact, the root beer of Chicago isn’t simply made for the commercial markets. They are made to reflect the spirit of Chicago. That’s why they are available in limited batches and aren’t everybody’s cup of tea, to be precise, mug of beer!

The art of brewing

The art of brewing in Chicago signifies its rich history of creating craft drinks. Brewing involves developing newer flavors so that the drink contains a novelty, which can be tasted in every sip, whether it is root beer, ginger beer, or ginger ale. Chicago root beer is more about discovering eccentric flavors and letting your senses take a heavenly trip.

Taste any of the Chicago Root beer and you will realize that the drinks are more about enjoying the moments of sips rather than simply quenching your thirst. Each drink is a fine amalgamation of creativity, artistry, and the city’s culture.

Perhaps that’s the reason locally-owned breweries are gaining recognition. They don’t simply produce drinks. They produce a story, which gets unveiled as you open the bottle of Chicago best beverages; and as you taste the beverage, you are actually tasting the very essence of the city.

Chicago’s brews

Chicago is known for its craft beers. It has quite a lot of breweries engaged in crafting unique drinks that are only available in the city. Chicago Draft Style is one such line of beverages that you ought to taste to get the complete ‘Chicago experience.’

Harboring the brewing legacy of the city, these drinks carry distinct flavors and textures and talk about the community. These beverages have stood the test of time and are created for decades. Their flavors tell the story of time.

As you sip the drinks, you will realize they are different from your regular commercially-produced beverages. These drinks aren’t opened only on special occasions. You can taste them anytime. They make any occasion special.

Looking for a craft beer?

It’s time to go beyond the usual beverages and taste something new. People trying to reduce their alcoholic intake can have a great time tasting the line of drinks from Chicago Draft Style.

You can also enjoy a slew of non-alcoholic beverages harboring a myriad of flavors. Examples are Cream Soda, Orange Cream, Black Cherry, and more. They promise to be a great alternative to spirits and alcohol. No matter what the occasion, these drinks blend well with all foods and moods.


Chicago is a city of diverse cuisines and architectural marvel. No wonder this city has sought to have its own signature style brewers. For more than 20 years, Chicago Draft Style has been making beautiful moments in the lives of people through their outstanding line of beverages.

Want to experience Chicago right at your home?

Then order a Chicago Draft Style beverage from our website and get it delivered at your doorstep. We offer kegs in half size and quarter size.

In fact, the manufacturers are on the lookout for craft drink enthusiasts, who wish to become distributors and retailers of this incredible line of drinks. This could be a transformative journey – from being a consumer to becoming one of the distributors for beverages. And, mind you, these aren’t commercially-produced beverages; these are locally made drinks prepared in small lots. Flavors like green apple, black cherry, orange cream, razzberry, and more are waiting for you.

Chicago rootbeer, ginger ale, ginger beer, and other such marvelous beverages are hand-selected recipes that are formulated meticulously to represent the spirit and the lifestyle of Chicago.

Beverage wholesalers in USA who appreciate this fine craft in drinks are forever ready to market them and ‘spread’ the spirit of Chicago. Partnering with them can be a gamechanger for Chicago’s rootbeer.