3 Reasons Why People Love Root Beer & Its Distribution Companies

The global market for root beer is predicted to grow at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 4.6% till 2030. Although the supply chain of this amazing drink was disrupted during the pandemic, the drink has emerged as one of the most popular drinks once again.

Shopping for beer online

Due to work-from-home trend that has arisen after the Coronavirus pandemic, beverage wholesale distributors are all geared up to appease the demand of this non-alcoholic drink. Though people around the world have started going to offices and the world has almost returned to normal, people are still cautious. Moreover, the online world, which became the very lifeline during the lockdown, still promises to shield people from the outside world. People prefer online shopping, online meetings, and so on.

In this context, shopping for root beer online is easy and convenient. You can choose from a variety of flavors in root beer soda. From ginger ale to cream soda to lots more, beer manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to delight the consumers with refreshing and unique tastes.

Three major reasons for the sheer popularity of root beer

1. Root beer carries a unique flavor

Some of the most reputable manufacturers use pure cane sugar to prepare the drink. Chicago Draft Style root beer is one such drink that deserves a mention here. It is a specialty line of one of the most reputable craft soda manufacturers in Chicago.

Such manufacturers craft their drinks meticulously so that the drinks harbor a unique taste that refreshes and amazes. They use handpicked local ingredients, which give the drink an authenticity that the consumers love.

A crafted root beer soda is truly an authentic drink with a unique flavor. It promises to thrill your tastebuds and make for a refreshing drink on any occasion.

2. Root beer soda is non-alcoholic

Thanks to the growing health awareness among people, non-alcoholic drinks are receiving more popularity than alcoholic drinks. Even if you haven’t yet taken a pledge to go non-alcoholic, you may still want to try this amazing root beer soda that goes well with your poison.

3. A drink safer for teenagers

Non-alcoholic drinks such as root beer soda are safer for teenagers mainly due to the absence of alcohol and caffeine contents in them. These drinks are crafted to transform ordinary moments into unforgettable ones without giving you a ‘high’ or making you drunk.

No wonder craft beer soda has become a favorite drink for family get-togethers and parties such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more. You can also order kegs of this drink for your teenager’s birthday party or your colleague’s farewell bash. Due to their non-alcoholic nature, their social acceptability increases.

So, wait no more.

This festive season, try the “Select 6” from one of the top root beer manufacturers in Chicago. Contact a reputable beverage retailing company or order online. This line of drinks is a special one, as it is made locally and carries the very essence of Chicago, the city famous for its signature foods.