Enjoy 12 oz. Gourmet Bottles of Soda!

Chicago Root Beer beverages come in a variety of flavors and just the right size!

We have cases of 12 ounce bottles available for when you want to kick back, relax and enjoy deep rich flavors that have a reserved sweetness balanced by a light carbonated body sure to awaken your senses.


Chicago Draft Style

Our recipe dates back 100 years during the days of prohibition...a smooth caramel root beer flavor!
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A southern favorite, brilliant red lip smacking strawberry taste. Our Strawberry will knock your socks off!
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Cream Soda

New York style Cream Soda clear to the eye, sweet vanilla flavor...this beverage is truly an east coast original.
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Green Apple

Rich green translucent flavor fizzes granny smith green apple aroma...delicious from beginning to end.
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Blue Razzberry

Light blue color, crisp and sweetly refreshing tantalizing razzberry flavor, Taste just like a melted freeze pop.
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Orange Cream

Brilliant from sun nurturing on the vine, our orange cream flavor is pure cool mountain sunshine in a bottle.
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